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Employee Experience Design

360HRE is an employee experience design firm that creates intentional moments that matter along the employee lifecycle. By using data, design, and creativity we help you construct an HR system that outputs reliable employee outcomes. The result is an employee experience that represents your culture and the interactions you want to have with your employees. We help you craft a clear and demonstrable employee experience to attract and retain the right talent for your culture.

We built 360HRE because there are many innovative ways to demonstrate value and enhance the employee experience within your current HR process. You know your company and staff better than any consultant. What we do is provide you with emerging HR skills, employee-centered design, and cutting-edge techniques to ensure that your employee experience gives your firm a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

We are a designer, a data analyst, and an HR professional. Most of all, we create employee experiences that attract and keep talent.

Creating amazing moments that matter for your employees along their employment journey. We do this using data, creativity, and design.

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