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Only active 1871 members are able to sign-up for mentor office hours. You’ll have an opportunity to interact with other mentors at orientation sessions and special events coordinated by the Programming Team.

If you're interested in becoming a member at 1871, please contact our Membership Team at 

If you need to remove a few time slots, please go to the Mentor Portal and click on “Full Schedule” within the “Upcoming Appointments” section of the home page. From there, you will see a calendar view of your schedule and be able to remove individual time slots. Please keep in mind that if an appointment has already been booked, you cannot remove it. You will need to coordinate directly with the member who booked that time slot and request that they cancel on their end.

    If you need to cancel all of your office hours for the time being or consistently change to a different time slot, please contact

    Member contact information is available on the 1871 Mentor Portal. Once you log into your account, you will see your booked appointments on the home page. If you click on the individual appointment, you will see the contact information for the member who booked time with you.

    It’s all about the pitch! We suggest that you edit your mentor profile in a way that really highlights your unique expertise. You should take a look at other mentor profiles to get a sense of different styles and tones.

    After logging into the Member Portal, you will see the “Edit Profile” option on the home page. You can also click on “View Profile” to get the view members see when they book office hours with you.

    Posting on Slack #mentor-hours and other industry-specific channels is a great way to let members know that you have upcoming office hours. We encourage you to post a week or two in advance. Another great idea is to connect with members in the 1871 space and invite them personally to your office hours.

    You will be emailed a calendar invite that specifies the name of the member who booked an appointment with you and indicates that the appointment is cancelled. The member’s contact information will be in the body of the calendar invite email.

    Please log into the 1871 Member Portal, and you will see any booked appointments displayed on the home page. If you don’t see any appointments and have not received any notifications of bookings via email, you don’t have any appointments currently scheduled.

    Most mentors will conduct their office hours in the 1871 “shared space.” This is our open co-working space where the majority of our members sit. If you’d like a private room for your mentoring sessions, please either reach out to the member who scheduled a meeting with you or the 1871 Programming Team. Based on availability, we will reserve a room during your office hour time block. We ask that you please request this 48-hours prior to your scheduled office hours.

    Once you’re in the 1871 Mentor Portal, you can navigate to "Mentor Office Hoursand search for your own name. You’ll be able to see the view what members see when they search for mentors. You can also click “View Profile” from the Mentor Portal home page.

    You will receive a calendar invite that specifies the name of the member who booked an office hours appointment with you. The member’s contact information will be in the body of the calendar invite email. You can also log into the Mentor Portal and your appointments will be visible on the home page.

    If you have not requested for a room to be reserved and a member has not reserved a room on your behalf, please meet the member who has scheduled office hours with you in the Shared space. You can view a map of the 1871 first floor here. We recommend coordinating with members prior to your office hours to coordinate a place to meet. The front desk or the red couches near the front desk are always a good meeting place.

    Yes, once a member cancels their appointment that slot becomes available for another member claim.

    We'd love to chat with you about membership options. Please send an email at, and the Membership Team will reach out with more information. 

    Mentors should post to 1871's Slack channel, 1871’s internal messaging forum. We encourage mentors to look through other postings to get a sense of the style and tone of the forum. You should feel free to create a message that summarizes your unique offering and promotes your expertise. Please make sure to provide your personal registration link to your office hours, so members can easily sign-up. This link was sent to you in your initial onboarding email entitled, “Mentor Onboarding,” and it was also included on the calendar invitation you received for office hours. The 1871 Programming Team is also happy to resend that link if you email

    Under the login field, there is a link that says, “I forgot my password.” If you click on this and enter your email address, a link to reset your password will be sent to the email you used to sign up on the Member Portal. Please make sure to check the email account linked to your Member Portal. If you’re still having trouble logging in, contact, and the Programming Team will reset your password.

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